Upland Fire Company #1

Building Addition Update

Saturday, March 15, 2014   Construction Crews are making progress on the Building Addition at the Station.



Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013   The Officers and Members of the Upland Fire Company would like to offer everyone a Merry Christmas! Stay safe and remember fire safety when cooking! 



Addition Is Underway

Monday, December 23, 2013   The addition to Station 57 has started and is moving right along. Work crews have moved the large electrical box that used to sit directly next to the fire house out of the way so the building can be constructed. Well continue to keep everyone aware of the progress. 



Engine And Chief Arrive With a Shed Well Involved

Saturday, November 30, 2013  Around 18:30 Company 57 along with Companies 52 (Brookhaven), 47 (Chester Township), 45 (Parkside), RIT 39 (Lower ChiChester) and Crozer EMS were Dispatched to 3 Henvis Place in the borough for a Building Fire reported to be a Shed. Chief 57 responded and reported he had a large header in the sky, Engine 57 hit the street with 6 and arrived with the chief reporting a shed on top of a deck next to a house well involved. Engine 57 secured their own water supply and went in service with a 1 3/4 inch line. Squad 57 responded with 4. A secondary line was pulled by 57 crews and the fire was knocked down within the first 10 minutes. Crews from 52 checked the exposure building while crews from 45 and 47 assisted with overhaul. Rescue and Engine 39 set up R.I.T Services. Engine 39's crew was placed in service and RIT Company 40 was Dispatched to replace them. Chief 57 had the Henvis Place Command. Great Job by all Crews on location. 



Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2013  The Officers and Members of the Upland Fire Company would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Remember to never leave the stove on unattended and keep Children away from the Kitchen.



Squad Goes To 42

Monday, November 25, 2013  Around 10:30am Squad 57 was Dispatched to Collingdale Fire Company # 2 Station 42 for a Cover Assignment. Company 42 was operating on a 3 alarm working building fire in Darby Township. The squad responded with 4 and covered 42 for about 3 hours before returning. No Calls were received during the Cover Assignment.



First Due Working Building

Tuesday, November 19, 2013  Around 04:30am Company 57 along with Companies 52 (Brookhaven), 47 (Chester Township), 45 (Parkside), RIT 39 (Lower ChiChester) and Crozer EMS were Dispatched to 822 Upland Ave in the borough for a Building Fire. EMS and PD arrived on location and reported heavy fire showing from the second floor of a 3 story twin. Engine 57-2 and Chief 57 arrived reporting the same. Crews from Engine 57 went in service with a 1 3/4inch handline. Engine 45 arrived next and established a water supply laying into Engine 57 from the hydrant. Quint 52 arrived and crews from 52 and 45 pulled another line to the second floor of the main fire building. Squad and Tac 57 also responded. Crews from 57 and 47 located heavy fire conditions in the Bravo Exposure building. A 1 3/4inch handline was stretched into the exposure and crews made a good knock on the fire protecting most of the exposure building. Heavy Fire Conditions were found on the third floor of both the twins and through the roof of the main fire building. Companies 12 (Eddystone), 40 (Boothwyn) and 05 (Glenolden) were also Dispatched to the fire ground for manpower. RIT 14 was called in for a secondary RIT Team. Great job by all Companies on location.

Thank you to Engine 49 (Milmont) for covering our local while we were out.



Lighting Of The Christmas Tree!

Friday, November 15, 2013  On Friday November 29th 2013 at 17:00 hours the Upland Fire Company will be kicking off the Holiday Season and headed over to Macqueen Hall for the yearly Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Members of the Fire Comapny will be assisting with lighting the Christmas Tree and bringing Santa to the Ceremony on the fire truck for the Children. Please come join us and help get get the Holiday Season started. 



Accident @ The Diner

Monday, November 4, 2013  Around 22:00 hours Companies 57, 47 and BLS 45 were Dispatched to the Upland Diner, 100 Upland Ave for a Accident With Injuries reported. Chief 57( Smith) arrived on location reporting a 2 Vehicle accident with 1 injury reported to be BLS. Squad 57 and Rescue 47 responded and provided lighting to the area of the crash and secured hazards. Crews were in service for about 30 minutes before returning.



Squad Goes!

Sunday, October 27, 2013  Just after Midnight Squad 57 was Dispatched along with Squad 50 to relocate Company 40 ( Boothwyn Fire Co. ) while they operated on a Working Building Fire in Claymont Delaware. The squad responded with 6 within minutes. While covering Station 40 a second emergency was Dispatched for a building fire in Brookhaven. Chief 52 arrived and reported no services were needed by the Fire Department and recalled the Companies. Squad 57 returned to Station 40 and stood by for a few more hours before returning to the Borough.



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